Local Information

We don't have the resources to provide an in-depth guide to the wonderfulness that is Whitstable and its environs. But here's a short taster of what you'll have to play with on your visit...

The Cheese Box
Specialist British artisan cheese shop.
01227 273 711
60 Harbour Street

Crab & Winkle
Guess what they serve? Actually, not just crabs and winkles. 
Whitstable Harbour
0845 2571587

David Brown Delicatessen
A friendly deli with Spanish-ish leanings
28a Harbour St
01227 274507

The Forge
Comparatively new oyster bar and chippy on the shore behind the boats. Very friendly owners. Serves excellent local Whitstable IPA along with oysters. Yum.

Tapas in Tankerton recommended by... just about everyone really.
2 Herne Bay Road, Tankerton
01227 274591

Olivias Delicatessen
Delicious home-made sandwiches and bites, great for lunch b'twixt shops and beach.
66 High Street
01227 272400

Royal Native Oyster Stores
Fish restaurant situated by the beach
Horsebridge Road
01227 276856

Sundae Sundae
Guess - go on - guess what they sell. Yay! Ice cream! 
62 Harbour Street

The Sportsman, Seasalter
Whitstable's first Michelin starred restaurant
Faversham Road, Seasalter
01227 273370

The famous and tiny (not tinny) fish restaurant. 
8 High Street, CT5 1BQ Telephone
01227 273311

Williams and Brown Tapas Bar
Traditional and modern Spanish yum-yums. 
48 Harbour Street
01227 273373

Windy Corner Stores Café
A good place for Sunday brunch.
110 Nelson Road
01227 262 409

Arsenic and Old Lace
Great for kids both large and small
17 Harbour Street
01227 262770

Clothes Horse 
Lots of Noa Noa clothing for women and children at good prices
39 Harbour Street 
01227 275 900

British alternative applied arts and contemporary craft; both handmade and the home-made
65 Harbour Street
01227 262500

Graham Greener
Flowers and foliage for the home and garden 
27 Harbour Street

Taking the Plunge
All things vintage and retro
26 High Street
01227 264678

Made in Whitstable: a quirky local community, featuring artists, writers and various ner'-do-wells, celebrating all that is Whitstable.

Flickr Whitstable: 208 members taking pictures in and around Whitstable

Avocets and Oysters: Retirement has given Hywel Davies and Barbara Drinkwater the time to indulge their respective interests in photography (especially the digital manipulation thereof) and arts and crafts (acrylic painting, jewellery, and felt products especially).

Minna Sisko: Great blog of stuff by the founder of Made in Whitstable.

Horsebridge: Local community centre providing a social, cultural and learning resource for the denizens... and you.

Turner Contemporary (Margate): Excellent gallery a short drive away - plus great pubs and dinky little shops in the wriggly back streets.

Canterbury: ... is just a short drive away. Go and see the cathedral, if nothing else.


Whitstable Harbour
Bijoux little fishing harbour, almost completely surrounded by fish mongers, oysterers, bars and just a step (literally) from the town centre.

Whitstable Castle and Gardens
Beautifully renovated castle, plus the grounds have been re-landscaped in recent years. Wonderful little children's playground too.

Tankerton Slopes and Beach
Wonderful for a stroll along the top and an amble back along the bottom past the pretty beach huts.